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Ellie's Greek Kitchen is about food - but then food is also the perfect way into the culture or cultures of a society. A teacher of modern Greek, Ellie's links are aimed at whetting your appetite for more things Aegean, Hellenic and specifically Salonikan.

Elissavet Stagoni: Greek language classes  

The Greek Project - Greek Study Tour Holidays with Intellectual Bite

  • Bougatsa Trails Culinary exploration and delights

  • Adventures in Greek Language

  • Jewish Salonika

see especially:


Jewish Salonika, Devin Naar's new book exploring the life and death of the Sephardi community, once unique for being the only one with a majority Jewish population in a European city.

The Thread, Victoria Hislop's best selling novel of Salonika life, love and death set between the Asia Minor 'catastrophe' of 1922-23 and the destruction of the Jews of the city in 1942-44.

With thanks to Anne Mackintosh for photos

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