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Ellie loves to make all sorts of traditional Greek dishes. But her special signature is savoury and sweet pies. For more on these, plus her mouth-watering keftedes, dolmades, aubergine and other dips read on.

See the         page for a far from complete list of what Ellie offers at farmer's markets, but that should give a good idea of her range of pies and mezes.  

What people say

Mark, co-worker

Try Tiropita ... a classic pie baked with feta and sunflower seeds.  Though it originates in Byzantine times or even earlier it is, for modern Greeks, the mid-morning snack par excellence.

“What is it about Ellie's cooking that makes it so delicious?  I knew a few of the  better-known dishes - Spanokopita, Xoriatiki - before I met her, and knew that in the hands of a good cook Greek food could be very tasty indeed.  But it's only since being front-of house at her market stalls that I've learnt to appreciate just how exquisite a subtle mix of filo, yoghurt, feta, mint and dill - in its many variations - can be".

Jane, East Oxford Community Market

“I've become absolutely hooked on Ellie's tiropitas; they're my weekly special treat to myself".

Pete, Deddington Farmer's Market

“A pity we always get to the market late, Ellie's pies are so popular they're nearly always sold out before we get a look in".

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