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Oxfordshire caterer of traditional Greek foods

The saying goes 'see Naples and die.'

But how much better:

Feast in Salonika and

truly live!


Well, now it's possible to do the next best thing.

Visit Ellie's Greek Kitchen at one of her     many farmers' market stalls in Oxfordshire and      south Warwickshire, or have an occasion

where she does the catering.

A taste of Salonika

Ellie is Elissavet Stagoni and she grew up in Xanthi, to the east of Salonika imbibing the rich aromas of her mother's and grandmother's kitchens. After studying she taught in Salonika (Thessaloniki), a great cosmopolitan meeting place between east and west, Greek mainland and islands, Balkans and Aegean: reflected at every turn, in its abundant gastronomic delights.


Ellie brought all these sun-filled memories, traditions and recipes with her family to Oxfordshire.  


And by carefully mixing local, allotment-sourced organic vegetables with herbs and other ingredients imported from home she's been able to conjure up a true taste of the real Greece: not haute-cuisine or anything ultra-fancy, just, by turns, delicious, scrumptious, freshly baked food for any occasion. Lunch, supper, birthday party, christening, seminar, ramblers' walk - you name it - Ellie's Kitchen will help make any occasion memorable,



"Reminds us of all that tasty grub which was the joy of

our holidays in Greece"

Kelly, Adderbury Community Market

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